Spray Tan Equipment

There is nothing worse for a client than being spray-tanned in a dirty, smelly, sticky and stained treatment room, off-putting to say the least. Clients are led through your wonderful salon entrances, relaxing surroundings, gentle music, only to be presented with the nasty spray tanning treatment room. The impression one is trying to set as a salon owner is lost as soon as your client enters the treatment room. All this can be avoided with a little investment using our unique range of sunless tanning equipment comprising overspray extraction & containment booths and LVLP spray machines.

Our equipment range now includes the revolutionary new Opus 4 Automatic Spray Tanning Booth, re-inventing the way in which spray tans are applied. With its 'Mind Blowing' results, Opus 4 ensures repeat custom is achieved with clients experiencing flawless results in complete privacy.

The full range of equipment can be found at our www.i-tan.co.uk website, a division of Crystals Limited.




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